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    Mattt Thompson

    Mattt Thompson is the creator & maintainer of AFNetworking and other popular open-source projects, including, Induction, Helios, and Nomad, and he also writes about obscure & overlooked parts of Cocoa on NSHipster.


    CocoaConf Columbus 2012 Presentations

    Everybody Loves AFNetworking, And So Can You!

    Learn how to get started with AFNetworking, and how to make the most of it in your iOS or Mac app. Request JSON effortlessly! Consume REST APIs like a champ! Download and cache images blindfolded-with-one-hand-tied-behind-your-back! We'll even touch on some of the best parts of Foundation and the Objective-C language itself, from NSOperation and the URL Loading System to blocks and Grand Central Dispatch.

    What I Learned From AFNetworking's GitHub Issues

    It can be said that GitHub Issues are the hacker's equivalent of the classical Greek forum. Like the ancient philosophers before us, here the leading minds in open source gather to discuss the programming topics of our day. In this talk, we'll dig through AFNetworking's backlog to discover and dissect the epic debates, lofty ideas, and occasionally-fierce rhetorical exchanges contained within those hallowed threads.