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    Janie Clayton

    Janie Clayton is an iOS developer living in Madison, WI. Janie also leads the Swift Tutorial Team for She gave up her previous life to pursue programming in 2012 and so far has not regretted this decision. She catalogues her journey on her blog, When she isn't coding Janie is spending some quality time making music, cuddling with her pugs, and contemplating the nature of existence.


    CocoaConf Chicago 2014 Presentations

    All the Audio You Need to Know: AV Foundation Audio

    Core Audio has gotten a bad and somewhat well-deserved rap for being difficult to implement. It takes a hundred lines of code just to record something! There has to be a better way!

    Now there is.

    With AV Foundation Audio you can do anything that you would need to do with Core Audio without having to know math or C. You can record, play back, and loop audio all with a minimal amount of code. Learn how to harness the power of sound in your app.