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About CocoaConf

CocoaConf is a touring training conference for iPhone, iPad, and Mac developers. We bring some of the best authors, trainers, and speakers to the most passionate, engaged developers in a region—together, they make magic!

2017 Events


CocoaConf speakers are thought leaders, authors, and professional iOS and OS X developers. Meet them all


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Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

Sound Off

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Brent Simmons

The Omni Group

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Daniel Steinberg

Dim Sum Thinking

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Ellen Shapiro


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Rob Napier


“…I absolutely encourage anyone interested in developing iOS or OS X software to browse the sessions of a CocoaConf event near you. I can’t emphasize enough the knowledge value that developers will get from attending.”

Scott photo Scott Starr
Safari Blog

“…if you get a chance to attend a CocoaConf, grab the opportunity. I’ve been 3 times, and had great experiences at every one.

Mark photoMark Struzinski
Thoughts on software development and technology | Mark Struzinski

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